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 When we moved back to the United States a few years ago, we had a thought: If we are changing everything in our lives for a better future, why not do something we really enjoy?  This is how Eat Prime Foods was born.


 Eat Prime Foods was created in August 2016 when we decided to share our passion for food with you, and from that moment on we can say we have been very fortunate of having a business that allows us to enjoy that passion for food in our day-to-day lives. 


 Eat Prime Foods was founded with our passion about good food, surrounded by great family and friends who support this beautiful project. Long nights and a lot of travel have been dedicated to this journey in order to find and bring the best food products available to you.  And when you do something that you are passionate about, the best reward comes from your clients’ email with a big thank you!  The feeling is indescribable! 

It is more than just food. It is a way of living.


 Eat Prime Foods has always been a project rooted in our passion for good food products.  It is not about reinventing the wheel. We just want everyone to have fun with family and friends eating and sharing moments so we can proudly say we are doing a good job.

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