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Small family owned Spanish factory producing the most amazing white anchovy, sardines and Skewers (banderillas) we have ever tried, always using natural ingredients. 

Caramel Spread (Dulce de leche) is a traditional Latin American jam made from milk and sugar. It is a spreadable product with no artificial colors or preservatives.

For more than 30 Years in the business definitely Ubago is the brand to have, great quality, prices and quality control... are the key to success. Natural Norwegian Smoked Salmon, Yellowfin Tuna, Gravlax and Atlantic Cod are just some of the products that we offer.

Called Masters Of Procciutto it is the best way to describe Maestri products. Products like Prosciutto Italiano, Speck Italiano, Salame Rustico, Black Forest Shinken and Jamon Serrano are just some of the products that we proudly carry for your supermarket.

Recognized as one of the most innovative producer in the olive oil industry, always using the best blends and keeping beautiful presentation it is one of the MOST product to have in your kitchen.

Fabbri provides definitely one of the best wild cherries in the market, recognized worldwide as a pioneer in the industry thanks to their outstanding quality and variety of products.

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Amazonia presents a new generation of high-quality fruit based dressings and sauces, to satisfy the most demandig tastes. We offer new flavors, aromas and textures of tropical fruits in fusion with spices in a lightly sweet base.

Giuliano Tartufi is the perfect guide to take you inside the world of fresh truffles. With our wide variety of products and affordable prices you don't have to keep searching for another supplier, just check our products.

Rabitos Royale are by far the most exotic Mediterranean fig filled with chocolate truffle and covered with a thin layer of chocolate, Just incredible. Now we count with the complete line of products like withe chocolate and salted chocolate

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